Webmaster tools are software applications designed to assist a webmaster or someone affiliated with a website in evaluating aspects of the incoming traffic to the site. This could include data on the total number of site visitors and the types of searches bringing people to the site.

Webmasters who use keywords and invest in advertising may want to learn more about what types of keywords drive people to their sites. Examples of helpful webmaster tools are those that give information on keyword popularity and keyword click-throughs. If a website has several pages, the webmaster may be interested in knowing which pages get the most hits, or “impressions.”

Webmasters who have several people authoring pages may find this especially useful when giving credit to authors or allocating compensation based on the number of times an author’s page has been viewed. In addition to keywords that get a visitor to a page and the number of impressions a page receives, it is useful for webmasters to know how long visitors remains on each page.

Site speed metrics are another component of webmaster tools. Fast downloading times are important because users may leave slow-loading sites before a page download is complete, resulting in less traffic to the site.