Consultation Meeting

Give us your ideas and concepts to work from. It’s not necessary to have samples of work that you like. We will put together a written price quote, meeting your budget before beginning on any work.

Initial Design

Based on the ideas discussed during the consultation meeting, we will begin work on several concepts. The strongest designs are chosen by our art director and prepared for the client review meeting.

Design Review

During this meeting, we present the strongest designs and discuss necessary changes requested by the client. We will make sure the work is appropriate, creative, complete, proper, unique……….

Final Draft

Following the design review meeting with the client, we go back and complete the necessary adjustments requested by our client. Then, we prepare the final design for client presentation.

Client Approval

With our clients approval to the finalized design, we then deliver all projects on time and on budget. Website will go live immediately after our clients approval, unless client is not ready.

Design Delivery

After client approval, projects will be submitted and delivered. Website will go live upon agreement. Design work will be sent to client or specialized/responsible party.