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Custom Website Design

I design clean, clever, and cooperative websites tailored to perfection. Using the best design practices I put together practical layouts and interfaces, allowing visitors to have a pleasing and enjoyable visit. Whether it is a new design or a redesign I can get you up and running with one of the finest websites online.

XHTML & CSS Development

I use XHTML and CSS to develop all of my websites for many different reasons. With XHTML and CSS it is possible to accomplish faster load times of a website, better search engine optimization, cross web browser capabilities, and the ability to make quick changes to the website.

Blog & CMS Design

Blogs and content management systems are becoming more and more popular as time goes on. Having the ability to add and modify your own content is of great value and savings. I design innovating layouts for both blogs and content management systems, allowing you to have a beautiful, full function website all at your fingertips.

User Experience

Creative interfaces are only as good as the user experience. I develop imaginative experiences that allow users to easily browse through a website, follow the navigation, quickly find what they are looking for, and ultimately complete the desired call to action with pleasure.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization and search engine marketing is a collection of compound strategies resulting in higher search engine rankings. I achieve strong SEO and SEM results by doing intensive keyword research, writing detailed content, developing clean code, and by running smart link building and Google Adword campaigns.

Branding & Logo Identity

Designing a logo, brand, and identity takes time and expertise. I have worked with multiple companies and organizations crafting the perfect identity for their particular style and ensuring that they are presented professionally. Designing visual identities with an effective impact is a great way to make a first and lasting impression.

Print & Graphic Communication

I create custom designed print and graphic materials using the latest graphic design trends and technology for marketing ventures, sales support, and a variety of other uses. Understanding that all print, graphic, and promotional materials need to be of significance I only deliver the best quality of work.

Web Stats & Analytics

With web stats and analytics you are able to learn about your visitors and how they interact with your website, allowing you to build your marketing campaigns and increase conversions. I am happy to break down your traffic trends, provide beneficial research and statistical data, and help you to overall improve your website.

Online Copywriting

Writing content for use online is much different than writing content to be used in print materials. Users read and react to copy online differently and it is important to get your message across quickly and avoid any confusion. I write captivating content that is organized and easily presented, allowing visitors to get the most out of your site.

Email & Social Media Marketing

In a world full of spam it is critical that you approach your email and social marketing efforts with diligence. I provide a strong background in managing mailing lists, developing successful messages, and designing layouts, all in which have produced intriguing results and ensure you will not be swept under the rug.